Custom Wedding Coasters

Wedding season is almost upon us. If you are recently engaged, consider having custom wedding coasters made for your big day. These coasters can be handed out as party favors, used as decoration, or used for their intended purpose at your wedding. If you have extras after your wedding day, you can use them in your new home as a keepsake. When designing your custom wedding coasters, consider the following ideas.


Save the Date Custom Wedding Coasters Save the Date Custom Wedding Coasters


Instead of a save the date card, consider sending a 40 pt. custom wedding coaster to your guests. These coasters can be hung on the fridge or guests can pin them to the wall to remember the date of your wedding. Then, after the wedding has passed your guest can use the coasters for their own drinks. These custom wedding coasters can also serve as a keepsake for you and your spouse.


Bride and Groom NamesBride and Groom Name Custom Wedding Coasters


Consider designing a custom wedding coaster with both the bride and groom’s name displayed. One option to use these coasters is to give them away as part of your wedding favors. You could also display them on the tables at your wedding to give the set up a little bit of flair. Your guests will appreciate the custom touch the coasters add to your wedding. Additionally, these custom wedding coasters will remain a fond memory in all of your wedding pictures.


Themed Custom Wedding CoastersCustom Saying for a Custom Couple


A custom wedding coaster is a chance to display any picture, quote, or saying of your choosing on every table. Your coaster could have a picture of the bride and groom. Another idea would be to design a custom wedding coaster with a quote from your favorite book. If your wedding has a particular theme you can design your coaster to match that theme. Get creative with your custom wedding coaster design. Your wedding day is all about you, so why not make your custom wedding coasters 100% authentic to you and your style?


Custom Wedding Coasters themed after custom wedding drinks

Custom Drink Custom Wedding Coasters

You’ve put so much thought and attention to every detail of your wedding. Don’t let the drinks served become an afterthought. Have your bartender create a custom drink for you and your spouse that describes your relationship through taste. Consider having custom wedding coasters made with the name of your custom drink. That way your drinks and coasters will tell a continuous story of your love for each other.


Having troubles with your custom wedding coaster design?


If you are having trouble executing your design, our amazing team of graphic designers will happily help out. A small design fee may apply, but you can rest easy knowing our graphics department has you covered. We are passionate about making your custom wedding coaster dreams a reality. If you can imagine it, we’ll work with you to design something incredible.


Coaster Culture Printing is your number one source for Custom Wedding Coasters


We opened in January of 2017, and since then have printed over a million coasters. So we know a thing or two about custom coasters. Our mission is to provide breweries and patrons alike with quality drink coasters that will last. This is why we review every order and artwork individually to ensure we handle your order with care and accuracy.

Every time we receive artwork for your company or brewery, a member of our graphics department reviews the file. We use only the highest quality inks and print on a press specifically designed for thick, pulp board material. The quality of our custom printed coasters assures your custom wedding coaster design will stand out.