5 Handy Tips to Design your Custom Drink Coaster

Designing a custom drink coaster can sometimes be a daunting task. You want the design to be absolutely perfect for your branding identity and style, while also having a pleasant vibe. Besides your logo and slogan, what exactly should be included on your custom coaster design? Deciding the knitty gritty details of your design can often be a struggle. What information should you include on your coaster? Should your coaster be in the shape of a circle or a square? How many designs should you print? There are so many things to consider, it can sometimes be difficult to pick and choose all of the details. Don’t worry! Coaster Culture printing is here with 5 handy tips to consider when designing your custom coasters.


An example of a drink coaster as a square and as a circleShould my Custom Drink Coaster be a Circle or a Square?

When considering the design of your custom drink coaster you may want to consider what shape you would like the coaster to be printed as. Coaster Culture Printing has the option of printing in either a circle or a square, and upon request can die cut custom coasters for a small die cutting fee. Designs that have a circular outline generally look better on a round coaster, while coasters with a broad design can look better on a square coaster. You may also want to consider how much information needs to be included on your coaster. If you have quite a few words it may be best to choose a square coaster for readability. If your coaster is design only you may want to choose a round coaster.


What information should I include on my coaster?

Social media is a great marketing tool for businesses these days. If you are printing your custom coasters for breweries or taprooms you may want to consider putting your social media information on your coaster. This way patrons of the brewery can look you up on all the social media platforms and follow your brand to see the latest information on all of your events and beers. Think about including the following social media handles on your custom coaster:

An example of a drink coaster with social media information displayed

Facebook Handle

Twitter Handle

Instagram Handle

Website information








An example of several designs of coasters How many designs should I print?

Coaster Culture Printing has order minimums starting at just 500 pieces per design. With our low pricing and low minimums you may want to consider printing a different design of coaster for each of your beers. If you serve both IPA Beer and Blonde Beer you may want to have a separate custom coaster designed for each. This way you can send those coasters to the locations that serve your beers to advertise for each flavor separately. You may also want to consider using the same front design for each coaster, but using separate back designs for each beer you would like to advertise. This will make the design process much simpler and convenient. Another idea that is beneficial to you would be to order custom coaster designs for a new beer you will be releasing. This way you can advertise for the newest beer on your menu.


 Include a Contest or PromotionAn example of a contest on a drink coaster

One thing you may want to include on your custom drink coaster is a contest or promotion. This can be a great way to get customers involved in your social media. Encourage your customers to like, comment, and interact with your posts by offering a discount for each interaction. Have customers tag your brewery in a Instagram post for a chance to win an Amazon gift card or a free pint. This will help boost your social media engagement, while at the same time providing a way for your customers to join in on a conversation surrounding your brand.


 An example of a coaster with a story on it. Print A Brief History of your Beer or Brewery

For an interactive coaster design, consider including a brief history on the back of your custom drink coaster. This will help your customer feel a connection to your brand and know a bit more about your backstory. This connects customers to your brand identity and a helps them have a positive association with your brewery.


Although designing your customized coaster can feel overwhelming, we hope these tips can be of some help. When designing your custom drink coaster remember these 5 tips above to help your brand identity and marketing.