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  • 5 Handy Tips to Design your Custom Drink Coaster

    Designing a custom drink coaster can sometimes be a daunting task. You want the design to be absolutely perfect for your branding identity and style, while also having a pleasant vibe. Besides your logo and slogan, what exactly should be included on your custom coaster design? Deciding the knitty gritty details of your design can often be a struggle. What information should you include on your coaster? Should your coaster be in the shape of a cir...

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  • Coaster Culture Printing-Drink Local, Print Local

      HELLO FROM COASTER CULTURE PRINTING! Here at Coaster Culture Printing we print custom coasters for all your brewing needs and events. We are located in beautiful Southern California in the Beer Capital of the World, San Diego, California. Here in San Diego we are proud of the fact that the skies are clear and the beer is good, inspires us to create beautiful custom coasters for your brewery or company. Coaster Culture Printing is your W...

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